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Dear perspective student,

The summer is getting nearer and Kaizen MMA Academy will organize the MMA Summer Camp in Belgrade, Serbia from 1st of August – 6th of August.

Here is what we got in store for you:

    • 5 days of highest quality MMA training (2 x daily)
    • Destination: Belgrade – one of the oldest and most vibrant cities in Europe. It is often dubbed and “party capital of Europe” or “Europe’s best kept party secret”.
    • Instructor: Mark Lajhner
    • 5 nights with breakfast in Hotel Slavija Lux – located in the heart of Belgrade.
    • Bonus surprises (let’s keep this a secret for now) 🙂


And here is how you will benefit from the camp:

We suggest you come well rested to the camp because you are about to receive a huge “transplant” of the most usable MMA techniques that will raise your fighting skills to a level you could only dream about. I was the best when I competed, now my goal is to be the best coach and I approach coaching others with the same enthusiasm I use to have for competitive fighting.

I studied from 30 + biggest martial arts minds in the world and I spared no expenses to reach them. I have spent years perfecting the skills they thought me. Over 20 years of my fighting experience and over 50.000 euros invested in my MMA knowledge guarantees that you will get world class training. Another guarantee is also my numerous injuries and surgeries which are a result of severity of training I use to do as a fighter. It is exactly because of this that I now know what NOT TO DO. How do I now? THE HARD WAY. 🙂 Because of these reasons your progress …no, no…QUANTUM LEAP in your fighting ability coupled with the SAFEST TRAINING MEASURES is as GUARANTEED as the sunrise in the morning.

Apart from you getting a top notch MMA training, we deliberately chose Belgrade for our camp because we find it important for our participants to relax and unwind after hard day of training. Belgrade is ideal because of it’s famous night life, selection of fine restaurants, hospitality, caffes, beautiful women and more

If you thought that this will be one of those camps where only thing you do is eat, sleep and train like you’re in the “army barracks” – you are wrong. Although you will receive highest quality MMA training which will make you tired, Belgrade is a city that can give you much more and you can look at this camp as an active rest. We find socializing as important as training.

We are here to train and improve, not hurt each other. Although there is a cliché that people “tee off” at each other during MMA training, that style of training is NOT PRACTICED AT OUR CAMP. By stimulating friendly atmosphere, using 20 % (or less) of power while punching during sparring and paying attention to the fatigue levels of our participants are only some of the safety methods that we use. We wouldn’t be honest if we said that injuries are not possible. MMA is a contact sport but considering that the safety of the participants is our NO.1 PRIORITY the possibility of injury is minimal.

We use psycho-cybernetic and NLP tools during training so our students can learn more quickly (NOBODY in the world of MMA does this). We will also show you breathing techniques and explain why correct breathing is so important.


If you’re not satisfied…actually if you are not COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY by the camp after day 1, I will give you all your money back without any questions asked and we will part as friends. Not only will I give you your money back, I will also reach for my pocket and give you 100 euros straight from my wallet. Considering that we can receive 30 participants, I could potentially be “in the hole” for 3.000 euros. So why then am I giving you this great offer? Because I am so sure that you will be totaly amazed by our training system that you will not even think about leaving.
Apart from Kaizen instructors, you will have a chance to learn from other accomplished fighting experts. Who are they? We will not reveal this just yet and let that be our little surprise. 🙂 One thing is certain; you will absolutely enjoy what those experts have to show you.

You must be asking yourself right now: “Mark, all that sounds fantastic, but how much does it cost”?

How much would you pay for 5 days of highest possible quality MMA training with expert instructors?

To be able to bring you this kind of quality of training, we travel all over the world to perfect ourselves. Japan, Great Britain, USA, Russia, Germany, Finland are only some of the countries we traveled to in order to improve in all aspects of fighting. We have spent more than fifty thousand euros, competed in world’s most prestigious events and cooperated with over 30 of the world’s most successful martial art experts so we could master MMA. We also trained with elite fighters that compete in UFC, Cage Rage, Zone FC, and also Olympic and World champions. So great was our passion for learning that we never spared money nor compromised in any other way to get this kind of knowledge. We didn’t just learn from the best. We have been fighting the best for over 20 years with success and that means our system is TESTED in hardest conditions. We went through hell to in order to learn the most usable fighting techniques but YOU DON’T HAVE TO. You will finally have the quality of training you deserve in an easy, fun and safe way.

These kinds of camps are usually charged thousands of dollars abroad. We want to provide the opportunity for martial arts enthusiasts to experience high quality MMA camp for only a fraction of a price that it usually costs.

How much is it then? 1000 euros? 500 euros? No.

The camp costs only 312 euros and everything (5 nights in a hotel with breakfast and training) is included except transport from the airport. If you find your own accommodation you will only have to pay 182 EUR for training.

The last payment deadline is 10th of July and after that we will not accept any payments.

When I told my friend from Sweden how much I’m planning to charge for the camp, he started laughing loudly and told me I was crazy for practically giving it away.

He’s right and I’m practically giving it away considering the amount of MMA knowledge that is going to be “uploaded” into your brain, but I want to give as many people as I can the chance to learn our proven system.

Actually, I will even give you a better offer. If you sign up and pay until 1st of June, you will get our early bird price (20% off):
Training with hotel: 282 EUR.
Training only: 152 EUR.

People are “starving” for MMA knowledge (especially in Serbia and the Balkan region) and I have received a lot of emails that praised our videos. Those emails are usually followed by a request for us to shoot more.

We understand your situation and it is not your fault that there aren’t many qualified instructors. We are here to help and MMA Summer Camp is a great opportunity for you to learn the best MMA techniques.

What exactly will you learn at the camp?

Simple and proven stand-up striking strategies.
Standing toe to toe and exchanging blows is a dangerous, but we will show you proven strategies that will dramatically increase YOUR chances of coming out from exchanges as a winner. We don’t believe in brawling. Instead, we take a scientific approach to striking that gradually sets up the KO and damages the opponent with minimal or no damage to ourselves. We pay attention to angling, distancing, timing, defense and movement to be able to safely move in & out of the “danger zone”.

How to dominate in the clinch, whether you are pressing the opponent against the cage or you’re fighting him in the middle of the mat.
We will show you how and it’s up to you whether you want to use strikes (knees, elbows, fists…even the shoulder) or you’d like to move the fight to the ground using our tried and tested wrestling and Judo throws. We will even teach you something that no one else does, and that’s destabilization in the clinch so you can execute strikes or throws more easily. Imagine controlling your opponent like the puppet master controls marionettes in the children’s theatre. Fun for you, not so much for them.

How to escape from inferior positions.
In MMA it sometimes happens that we end up in inferior positions that are very hard to get out from. We will show you techniques that you can use to escape ANY position and with MINIMAL EFFORT. If you’ve ever been mounted and helplessly tried to escape, then you know how hard it is to be in an inferior position while the punches are “raining down”. Do not worry, we will teach you how.

MMA principles.
Most MMA clubs only teach techniques without any explanation of what lies beneath. You will not have to do any guesswork because we will reveal principles that will increase your technical understanding tenfold. Principles of: gradualness, selective tension, weight distribution, “always on top” are just some of the principles you will learn from us during the camp.

Modified Judo for MMA.
As one of my friends likes to say: “Everybody knows how to defend double legs and single legs, but nobody knows how to defend those ‘fancy’ Judo throws”. He is totally right and we will show you all the advantages of using Judo in the clinch. There aren’t many successful Judokas in MMA and the reason is that they didn’t know how to modify their Judo for situations without a gi. You will not have that problem because I have spent years refining my “judo for no gi” system which I believe is among the best in the world (if not the best). The testament to that are many throws I executed at grappling, wrestling and MMA competitions and numerous medals from those tournaments.

The most effective wrestling techniques.
Wrestling is the most important part of MMA. If you want to strike you will need defensive wrestling in order to keep the fight standing up. If your goal is to move the fight to the ground, than you need offensive wrestling. In any case, wrestling training is of paramount importance to anyone wanting to learn MMA. In combination with our modified Judo techniques, you will have such an unfair advantage over others in the clinch that it will look like Randy Couture wrestling a primary school champion. 🙂

GNP domination.
Many still don’t understand that MMA groundfighting isn’t BJJ but a mixture of wrestling, grappling and striking with principles of its own. You will learn how to dominate your opponent with strikes in any position on the ground and how to connect that with submissions.

The best submissions for MMA.
We will teach you submissions that have highest percentage of success in MMA, and warn you about potential risks of the techniques that are perhaps good for BJJ and Grappling, but not so much for MMA.

How to condition your mind and body to “love and enjoy” physical exertion so that your every training session becomes easier and easier.
Let’s not kid ourselves, MMA training is hard and many find it difficult to find motivation for training. With two little tweeks in your training approach you will never have that problem again.

“Theater of the mind” technique which will banish all anxiety from you once and for all and help your mind run like clockwork.
Never again will you have to feel bad for losing a fight because your “head wasn’t in the right place” (if you are a competitor).

Breathing techniques.
Breathing is a very important but often neglected part of martial arts. By improving your breathing technique, you can increase your endurance up to 60 % – without ant conditioning work.



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The number of participants is limited to 20. We are not sure how long before we are completely sold out so we advise you to reserve your spot AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Yours truly,

Mark Lajhner
Kaizen MMA Akademija

P.S. People have already started to sign up and we strongly suggest that you reserve your spot while there are still vacancies. To remind you, the last payment deadline is 10. July and after that we will not accept any payments.